Jerod's speeches are action packed and not for the faint of heart. He offers several different programs including Methodology workshop's, Methodology keynotes, and a motivational series known as Innovative Awareness. Jerod is the perfect speaker for the millennial generation combining fast paced engaging speech topics with a humor and wit that has never been seen before. Meet the new generation of speaker. 

Only through delusion can we shape our reality
To overcome the insane circumstances of my life I had to learn how to separate emotion and thoughts…. I had no idea I had taught myself NLP.
I spent a long time worrying about how well I would be received because I’m not your stereotypical speaker. I have a range and dynamic, that I didn’t know whether audiences would respond to. Come to find out… Audiences were hungry for a new badass on the block.”

The most important thing I ever learned was to get the fuck up and do it.
I beat bipolar at seventeen, I could coach guys on girls by twenty four, and I had stopped seven suicide attempts by twenty seven… I think I was born to help people.
I refuse to accept failure. When I’m not helping people I feel like I’ve failed.
I was told early in life to shoot low. Good thing I was aiming with a canon


Jerod overcame a lot of adversity in a very short time. He has combined this knowledge into several different coaching programs to help people overcome the things he struggled with. Currently Jerod offer's three coaching programs on each of his three books. Jerod is also available for one on one coaching as well as workshop coaching. His hands on approach and intuitive nature put him a cut above the rest. 


Jerod wrote the Methodology series. Methodology of Modern Male, Methodology of the Manic Mind, and Methodology of the Mind. Jerod is available for book signings and Interviews.  

Methodology of The Modern Male was a very straightforward guide to becoming better with women. While I understand it’s quite profanity laden and edgy it wouldn’t have done anyone any good if I had written a boring A-typical book to be lost in the shuffle. I consider myself to be quite edgy and candid in the way I speak. I think the book reflects that
My psychiatrist told me that I’d never be an author… I mailed him a copy of my book.
Methodology of the Manic Mind and Methodology of the Mind are set to release in summer and fall of 2014